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We know how important it is for athletes to get the right calories and nutrition to keep your body running optimally. We’re very active ourselves and that’s why we support athletes in keeping your bodies in top form.

For our athletes, we offer:

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    15% discounts

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    Trade of social media posts

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    Code for your followers to receive 10% discount

We sponsor a select few athletes we’d like to share with you.

Steve Gomez

Steven is a 4x Pan Ams Champion, 2x American Nationals Champion and 1x International Champion coming from Art of Jiu Jitsu (AOJ). He’s a Green Belt who trains every day. Eddie & Tamara Judge (Stars of Real Housewives of OC) The Judges own a beautiful gym that focuses on group classes, weight lifting and nutrition. We love the encouraging and collaborative atmosphere they’ve created in their gym, and we’re so excited to be working with them to get their clients the meals they need to succeed.

The Singh Brothers

These three boys were our first sponsored athletes. Syrus (11) is a Black/Grey belt, Shayen (7) is a Grey/White belt, and Sayvian (7) is a Grey/White belt. They are successful competitors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling and soccer. They train every day and train with us at Grapplers Studio. Keep an eye out for them on the podium!