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We are closed the week of Christmas. "Any orders placed between December 14th - 20th will be delivered December 30th"

What We Do


What We Do

Our Meal Prep Approach

What makes Common Sense Eating’s healthy meal plan approach different?

We offer delicious, healthy prepared meals throughout Orange County and to parts of LA, Inland Empire & San Diego for anyone looking to improve their diet overall (including fitness buffs and athletes) as well as paleo, vegan, vegetarian and keto diets.

Researching, planning, shopping, prepping and cooking food that has the ideal nutrients for your lifestyle and body type takes a lot of time. It’s the number one reason why busy households skip meals, eat on the go, bring home take-out food and just don’t get the quality nutrition they need.

Why Choose Common Sense Eating?

We can give you the home-cooked meal experience every day. We’ll shop, prep, cook and deliver fresh, healthy nutritionally optimized meals that are ready to heat and serve. It’s like we’re giving you back your time, saving you money and removing one more reason for stress. Our tailor-made, customized meals are especially good for:

• Working professionals on-the-go
• Parents with busy schedules
• Kids who require healthy options outside of the norm
• Athletes looking to dial in their diet and optimize their performance

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Today’s Menu

You can also find a menu of today’s meal offering here.